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Brain Trust Legal: Turning Lawyers Into CEOs

Brain Trust Legal (BTL) was born from a simple truth: that talented, hardworking attorneys needed a way to grow their law firms into successful legal businesses and turn themselves from lawyers into law firm CEOs. The idea for BTL came to attorney Darryl Isaacs in the aftermath of a serious and life-changing accident that left him with a long road to recovery and a new view on his calling in life.

He wanted to give back and make a difference, and he started with his own industry. The success of his firm, Isaacs & Isaacs, since the mid-1990s provided him with the experience to help other attorneys grow and improve their own firms. He just needed to find the right outlet.

Why Legal MasterMinds Are Vital for Law Firm Growth

That’s when he started his first MasterMind group in 2016. It had a dozen members, including future BTL co-owner Rob Levine (of Rob Levine & Associates) as its first member. The MasterMind group was a place to share ideas, air frustrations and concerns, be vulnerable, and connect with like-minded people. It was an immediate success, and the MasterMind program quickly expanded from one group to five groups and nearly 75 members who attend monthly Zoom meetings and twice-yearly in-person events.

BTL’s Annual Summit for Lawyers and Law Firms

Darryl knew that lawyer-owned and lawyer-driven training and education was the key to helping attorneys with the issues they struggled with most: effective marketing, responsible management, and efficient operations. They needed a place to learn the things that law school didn’t teach them, the things that would help them be competitive against other lawyers, national firms, and legal industry companies. That’s when the Brain Trust Summit was born.

The yearly in-person event brought lawyers from across the country to network, share, and learn from legal experts and luminaries like Ben Crump, Andrew Finkelstein, Joey Low, and more. The Summit began in 2022 and was an immediate success.

darryl issacs and rob levine

Combined Experience from Two Legal Authorities

At the second annual Brain Trust Summit, Darryl and Rob Levine recognized that their combined experience and skills could help even more attorneys, and they partnered for the new BTL. This partnership doubled the experience, the size of the team and resources, and it opened BTL up to new opportunities to help lawyers. The first of those new opportunities was BTL Consulting.

Darryl and Rob, along with their team of department directors and experts, work directly with individual firms to analyze and evaluate their operations. From there, the BTL team creates individualized custom plans and strategies and works with those firms to implement changes and improvements.

Darryl, Rob, and the BTL team are proud to have created a company founded and run by attorneys whose sole objective is to give good attorneys the chance to get the business and financial success they deserve. As the company continues forward and branches into new opportunities and offerings, that same ethos will drive the company’s decision-making.

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