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Finding the Help Your Law Firm Needs

Brain Trust Legal is ready to help you! The only question you need to answer is: what kind of help do you need? BTL offers three levels of support to help you grow your practice and improve efficiency: Universal, Unique, and Customized.

Universal Needs & the Brain Trust Summit

Universal needs are ones that every law firm owner deals with no matter their location, size, or practice area: things like how to get more leads and more cases, how to find and keep great employees, how to set up and use the right programs and systems to seamlessly manage and run your firm, and more.

These are the Universal needs we cover at our BTL Summits, yearly live events where hundreds of attendees come to see industry experts and legal presenters who educate and motivate. We also provide opportunities for networking and connecting with fellow attorneys, along with cutting-edge innovations on display by vendors and exhibitors from the legal technology arena.

Unique Needs &
the Brain Trust MasterMind Program

Unique needs are the needs that specific types of law firms and attorneys have, ones that relate to the specific size of the firm, geographic location, practice area, and more. This kind of training & guidance applies to multiple law firms, but only certain ones, and the type of guidance comes primarily from peer interaction.

These are the Unique needs we address in our Brain Trust MasterMind program, which currently comprises 5 MasterMind groups. These groups meet for monthly Zoom calls, twice-yearly private in-person events, and consistent digital communication. Individual groups reflect specific firm sizes, practice areas, and goals, and all members are protected by a non-competitor structure and firewalls between the groups.

Custom Needs & the BTL Consulting Program

There will always be some needs for your firm that can’t be addressed in a group setting. It might be because of the sensitive sharing of certain kinds of information, or simply that the specifics of your firm, practice area, location, and desires aren’t designed for simple and cookie cutter answers, and you need the kind of detail and hands-on interaction that other programs can’t provide.

That’s where BTL Consulting is your ideal solution. We work directly with only your firm, gathering information from your team in all of your law firm’s verticals and creating a detailed analysis of your firm’s needs. From there, we construct a road map and strategy plan so we can work together with you to implement changes and build the ideal law firm you’re looking for.

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