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Darryl and his group members have been a tremendous asset to us over the years. I sincerely value my relationship and my firm’s relationship with Darryl.

Bobby Saasian
Bobby Saadian
Wilshire Law Firm

Darryl and Rob’s mentorship and groups have been a complete game changer for me and my law firm’s success.

John Gomez
John H. Gomez
Gomez Trial Attorneys

Brain Trust Legal has been an amazing experience that had provided tremendous value to me. What really makes the group special are all the people associated with it starting at the top with Darryl Isaacs and Rob Levine. I have learned to improve law firm operations and marketing every time we meet. Additionally, I have made great friends and built strong relationships.

Phil Rizzuto
Phil Rizzuto
The Rizzuto Law Firm

I joined Brain Trust Legal Mastermind a year ago and highly recommend it. The ability to get into a room with other high level law firm owners is invaluable. The real magic happens when we all share as that makes all of us better. I have learned so much from the BTL Team, but more importantly, I am honored to call the BTL Team and other members of the MasterMind friends.

Christopher Nicolaysen
Christopher Nicolaysen
Springs Law Group

When I first meet Coach Darryl it was a dream come true. But what has been even more amazing is that he allowed me to join his mastermind group even when I felt like I could not bring much to the group. When I joined I definitely didn’t have the law firm finances in order. Coach Darryl allowed me to have once a month one-on one meetings with his CFO, Marc to help me organize my finances. When I joined the mastermind group my revenue for the firm was at $200,000 annually. Since that time with the help of Darryl and his team I have 10x+ my firm’s revenue and by the end of this year I will be at $2.1 million. I could have never done this without the wisdom I have received from the mastermind groups. I have meet so many people who has helped me along the way. I’m not sure if anyone can join the group, but I’m thankful that Coach Darryl gave me the opportunity to sit among the top trial lawyers throughout the USA. Additionally, Coach Darryl has even extended his own employees who such as paralegals who has tons of experience in personal injury law to teach me the ropes regarding Personal Injury. This group is a lifesaver.

Deidra Haynes
Deidra Haynes
Law Office of Deidra Haynes

I have been practicing over 25 years and only wish I had met Darryl 25 years ago! I met him a year ago, and during this past year, I have implemented many new systems into my firm because of what he has taught me. Darryl’s MasterMind program is one of the best investments I have ever made. Darryl is the real deal and will shoot straight with you. He sincerely is doing this to help others. I have said this many times, I thought he was “full of it” giving out his cell phone number. I texted with him for several hours and I thought, ‘This guy doesn’t know me from Adam and he took time to talk with me.’ That is one of the most important conversations I had during the past year. I went to his seminar and then was fortunate to get into a MasterMind group. I am extremely grateful to Darryl, Haley, and Chris for all they have done for me and my firm over the past year.

Jay Murray
Jay Murray
Jay Murray Law Group

Darryl does an amazing job of bringing together growth-minded law firm owners interested in sharing and learning. You can’t help but have a better and more profitable law firm after attending a BTL event

Sean Olson
Sean Olson
Olson Law Firm LLC

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