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How to Avoid SEO Problems After a Google Update

You’ve probably heard horror stories about websites that were easily ranking at the top of Google, only to see all of that hard work come crashing down in the days after Google announced and implemented a new algorithm update. The truth is that big and potentially devastating changes can come from an algorithm update, but it’s not as frightening as you might think, and there are things you can do to avoid it.

First of all, most Google algorithm updates are made with one of two purposes: to make the search experience more effective, or to stop the abuse of a certain kind of ranking factor using questionable and potentially illegal ‘black hat’ tactics. Because of that, the websites that are usually the most affected are the ones with the most content outside of the preferred practices that Google approves of. So one way to prevent SEO problems is by making sure to work within the boundaries of what Google likes to see.

Secondly, this is the reason why you want to work with an SEO vendor. The moment that an algorithm update is announced or launched, you should be on the phone with them, checking what the changes will mean and what the strategy is to make sure the website weathers the changes and comes out the other side in the same or better standing. That kind of vigilance on your part and your vendor’s is what should keep you up at the top of search engines like Google.


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