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What Can Consulting Do for My Law Firm?

Many attorneys have a natural affinity for the details involved in building, growing, and managing a successful law firm. For many of us, however, being a law firm owner doesn’t come as naturally as being a lawyer. The truth is, most of what law school teaches about being an attorney doesn’t help us with the key aspects of a successful law firm: marketing, management, and operations. That’s where Brain Trust Legal consulting comes in.

Brain Trust Legal Premium Access offers law firm owners the opportunity to learn those important skills in real time while also making positive changes to their firm and utilizing the BTL team to train your staff and get company-wide buy-in and implementation.

Who is the Best Choice for Law Firm Consulting?

While many companies understand the business concepts and practices that can be helpful to an attorney, there’s no one who is more prepared to address and answer the specific questions and needs you have than other successful attorneys. The legal industry is more intricate and complicated than other industries, with additional ethics rules and a different product, which means there are more details to pay attention to and more pitfalls to avoid. That’s why the ideal voices to improve your firm are ones that have done it all successfully for themselves.

The founders of Brain Trust Legal, attorneys Darryl Isaacs and Rob Levine, are owners of their own currently operating and successful billions-earning law firms. The combined experience, skill, contacts, and growth strategies of both Isaacs & Isaacs and Rob Levine Law guarantee guidance and expertise born from success that spans over 50 years between the two firms. That’s the kind of “in the trenches” knowledge and experience that you won’t get from more generalized consulting companies.

Our team drills down into the details of several aspects of law firm operations and management, including:

Premium Access

How Does Consulting Work for My Law Firm?

Making big changes in a law firm can be complicated and time-consuming, even when those changes are positive and everyone wants them. That’s why we have a clear process that helps both the Brain Trust Legal team and your law firm team shape clear goals across different departments. Before the consulting process can begin, there are a few steps that provide both sides the proper expectation and scope of work:

How is BTL Premium Access Different from Other MasterMind or Coaching Programs?

In short, consulting is just for you. Most MasterMind and coaching programs are designed as group experiences, with attorneys working together for overall improvement of multiple firms. While those are incredibly helpful and effective, they don’t always provide the specific and unique advice and guidance that your individual firm requires to make the impact you want. Brain Trust Legal Premium Access is a detailed process that is custom designed to the needs of your firm, not a broadly targeted program intended to help anyone.

Consulting also provides hands-on instruction, scheduled training sessions, and accountability. Many attorneys in coaching and MasterMind programs recognize the value of what they learn in those groups, but they struggle with the logistics of executing the ideas. Brain Trust Legal premium Access stresses the need for accountability, measurability, and consistent evaluation of progress. Simply put, it provides a level of detail, hands-on guidance, and results-oriented focus that other programs can’t.

Ready to Give Your Law Firm the Edge It Needs?

If you’re ready to transform the law firm you have into the law firm you dream of, we’re currently accepting new consulting clients. In order to see if your firm and Brain Trust Legal are a good fit, we’d love to learn more about you.

If you’d like to be considered for Brain Trust Legal Premium Access, please fill out the information below, and one of our Consulting Associates will be in touch with you about next steps. Or you can call the BTL team at (855)743-1636 from anywhere across the country to get more information.

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