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Improving Your Firm with Personal Injury Mastermind Groups

Brain Trust Legal’s founders, Darryl Isaacs and Rob Levine, have been working and learning together in the Brain Trust Legal Personal Injury Mastermind group since 2015. However, they have both been benefiting from legal mastermind programs for over 15 years.

The reason Darryl and Rob formed the Brain Trust Legal Personal Injury Mastermind program is that no other single tactic or strategy has been as effective in growing and improving their law firms than participating in groups created by and attended by attorneys.

Successful Law Firms Teaching Law Firm Success

There are many legal coaching and motivational programs that use the term “Mastermind” in their name, but a true Mastermind is distinct in one important way: the people in the groups are both the teachers AND the students. There is a great deal that vendors, marketers, and coaching programs can teach attorneys, but they can never provide the primary value that a true Mastermind program does: the guarantee that everyone in the room understands what it’s like to be an attorney and all the challenges that come with it.

That uniting factor allows everyone involved to get the most from Mastermind events. The Brain Trust Legal Personal Injury Mastermind program is designed by attorneys and is attended by law firm owners and their teams. Everyone in the room has current day-to-day operational experience in a law firm.


What You Get in the BTL Personal Injury Mastermind Group

Lawyers have busy schedules and a lot to accomplish in their day, so we strive to provide a Mastermind experience that works for the attorney and provides help and support in an easy and accessible way.

The elements that make up our BTL Personal Injury Mastermind group are:

What Happens in the Mastermind Stays in the Mastermind

Our Personal Injury Mastermind group members are encouraged to be vulnerable and open about their wins, their losses, their challenges, and their processes. Because members are willing to share important numbers, statistics, and ideas, the Brain Trust Legal Personal Injury Mastermind groups have a policy that what is shared in the group stays within the group.

This allows attorneys to benefit not only from the great ideas other firms are using, but also to avoid the pitfalls. This two-part policy, of willingness to be open as well as dedication to the group’s privacy, is a central tenet of the program and what makes it the most valuable group your firm could join.

Protect Your Law Firm from the Competition

We understand the challenge of running a competitive legal business, which is why we vet our members to ensure that no one in any group has conflicts in the geographic area where they practice.

We keep our groups limited to 17 members, and we guarantee that no other member of our group is a potential competitor. We pride ourselves on openness and sharing, and making sure that our members are protected from competition is key to making that a reality.

What You’ll Learn in the Personal Injury Mastermind Program

While there is no limit to the number and variety of tips, tactics, and best practices that you’ll gain from participating in the Mastermind program, most of the discussions tend to fall into a distinct series of focused attention:

  • Human Resources Department Plans and Strategies
  • I.T. Innovations, Security, and Protections
  • Marketing Planning, Execution, and Improvement
  • Law Firm Operations such as Intake, Paralegals, and Others
  • Law Firm Culture Building and Growth
  • SEO Strategy from Site Building to Backlinking
  • PPC Ads Efficacy and Execution

This just begins to scratch the surface of what the Brain Trust Legal Mastermind program provides, which also includes candid disclosure, camaraderie, accountability, and data.

The Value of Brain Trust Legal Events

No one understands the complexity and challenge of running a law firm more than Rob Levine and Darryl Isaacs, which is why they formed Brain Trust Legal to begin with. They also understand the difficulty of being able to get away from your law firm’s day to day business to have the time and focus to devote to making improvements.

So many attorneys get locked into the survival of their firm in the moment that they don’t step back and see what they need to do for growth and improvement in the big picture. That’s why Brain Trust Legal conferences and events like the annual Summit are ideal for unplugging from working in your business to start working on your business.

To learn more about Brain Trust Legal conferences and events, you can call from anywhere in the United States to (855)743-1636 to get more information from a BTL team member, or you can fill out a form here.

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