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Better Law Firm IT through Legal Conferences

IT is one of the most complicated and least understood aspects of law firm management. It is both the engine that drives all the technology of your business, as well as the primary line of defense to protect your firm against attacks, hacks, and information theft. It is vital that any law firm has effective IT support, but finding a trustworthy source of information and protection is not always easy, and your law firm is at more risk now than ever before.

That’s why a legal conference like the ones Brain Trust Legal puts on are ideal for law firms seeking more powerful IT presence in their firms. The level of detail and awareness gained during the presentations, discussions, and vendor displays can make a powerful impact for your firm’s tech innovation and protection. The topics below are just a few of the things you can learn about IT at a legal conference.

What is the Best Antivirus Protection Strategy for a Law Firm?

Antivirus protection software is vitally important for anyone with a computer, but especially for a business like a law firm. Detailed and sensitive medical and financial information is stored in your case management software, and that makes for a tempting target for people who want to infect your system with viruses and hold your information hostage. How do you know what antivirus protection will work best for you?

The most important thing to remember is that, if you’ve heard of it regularly in public, it’s probably not a good antivirus system. The more common and frequently used, the more likely it’s a focus of hackers’ attentions to crack. Your goal should be to speak with industry tech people and find out what programs are used by highly protected and highly vulnerable businesses and industries. Using a program like Norton Antivirus is waving a red flag in front of a bull; it will get you lots of unwanted attention. Find a lesser known but industry-recommended system to protect your system and your clients.


What Should Law Firms Watch Out That Employees Don’t Do with Sensitive Information?

Direct attacks on a law firm’s system aren’t the only way that information gets leaked or systems get breached. Just as often, the issue comes from an employee’s thoughtless or careless use of sensitive information in an unsecured device. That’s why you want to set strict rules regarding the discussion and access of client and case information on any device other than dedicated work devices.

For instance, an attorney may think they are being prompt and helpful by accessing a file or sharing information from their cell phone when they get a time sensitive email. However, if they’re somewhere with a public wifi or their phone has been compromised in some other way, they may be sharing all that sensitive information with hackers who will use that information in negative ways. Make sure team members know which devices are approved and protected by the firm’s IT department, and which ones they should avoid using entirely when dealing with firm business.

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How to Train Law Firm Employees to Recognize IT Security Threats

Lawyers and law firm team members are no different than any other workforce that isn’t trained in Information Technology. They have a minor understanding of what it means, and they are very unclear on how much is at risk. An educated team is the best weapon against hacks, phishing scams, and other tactics to threaten your firm’s cybersecurity. That’s why regular training is the key to a safe system.

There are many programs such as KnowBe4 that provide clear and simple security training that you can sign up your team members to take. These programs provide entertaining, entry-level knowledge of the daily threats they should watch to avoid. Not only does the content educate them, but keeping them on a schedule of watching short videos and taking quizzes makes sure that the information sticks and it is on the top of their minds. Vigilance is key to stopping attempted attacks, and a training program makes team members more vigilant and prepared.

How Large Does a Law Firm Need to Be to Need IT?

The simple answer is: as soon as a law firm exists, there is a need for IT. Even a single-person law firm still has a computer with sensitive client information on it; in fact, the smaller the firm, the more likely that none of the team members has IT training and the experience needed to protect themselves.

Small firms don’t necessarily need an IT solution of the same size and complexity as a multi-state or national firm, but they still need protection. The best strategy for law firms is to find an external IT solution to begin with. There are many companies who do IT services specifically for the legal arena, and they can be contracted for various lengths of time or numbers of hours. This allows a firm to have protection without the necessity to find, hire, and train an IT person in-house.

However, as a law firm grows, an IT person should be brought in-house to work in tandem with the IT firm you’ve hired. It allows you to have someone who is flexible in their schedule and dedicated specifically to your firm, but they also have the experience and technological heft of the IT firm to learn from and lean on. If you can afford to have both, you should; there’s no such thing as too much protection from external threats.

How Can Legal Conferences Lead to Better IT Solutions?

The importance of IT grows yearly, as new technologies emerge and hackers learn to break in and create problems in ways not previously considered. In order to be successful, an IT strategy has to be constantly evolving. That’s why legal conferences like BTL are the perfect place to build and grow your IT presence.

IT industry experts speaking about new and developing technologies and threats is just one of the ways that legal conferences can help. The interaction with other firms of similar size and need can give you a clear picture of what the landscape is like nationwide and what you should plan for. Not to mention the IT vendors sharing information on their programs and how they protect and innovate the information and processes in your law firm. If you’re ready to embrace the future of Information Technology, you can learn more about Brain Trust Legal Conferences and events here, or you can call (855)743-1636 from anywhere nationwide to learn more and speak with a team member.

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