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There is a constant and growing challenge to keep law firms and their sensitive information safe from increased threat of cybersecurity issues, and many law firms are simply not up to the task. In a post-Covid business landscape where many law firms have remote team members from all over the country and the world, any hacker would be delighted to get access to the sensitive and valuable information that law firms have about their clients.

That’s why any law firm would be smart to seek out consulting like the kind that Brain Trust Legal provides. Rather than facing constant potential threats with little or inadequate protection, the BTL consulting program can provide valuable insights and advice on how to keep your law firm protected. Below is just a small sample of some of the important information and insights that a consulting program can provide.

What Are Best Practices for Law Firm Employees’ Login Passwords?

One thing that unfortunately causes many security issues for law firms is team members who use passwords that are too easy for hackers to figure out, thereby making your otherwise secure system at threat. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your team members have been clearly instructed on best practices for their passwords.

For instance, everyone should avoid using any personal information in their password. Some people find it easier to remember a password if it’s connected to them personally, but that also means that someone can potentially find references to personal information such as family member names, birthdays, pet names, and other details online and on social media.

Aside from the standard requirements of a good password (a mix of lowercase and capital letters, numbers, and non-letter characters), there is also the option of using a password creation and storage program. Another option is to use passwords that are longer, using whole phrases or sentences, which are very difficult to guess. All of these are strategies you can use with your team members to make sure that your systems are well protected from password-related hacking.


How Important is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on Law Firm Systems?

Two-factor authentication is very important. Many people find it inconvenient to use 2FA because it slows down the speed with which they can access the systems they need to use to do their jobs. However, an important realization is that if it takes you an extra fifteen seconds to access those systems, then it’s also far more difficult for hackers to access your systems as well.

Think about it this way: a very good hacker may always have the ability, with enough time and effort, to crack one access point to get into a system. With 2FA, it requires that they would be able to crack two access points and keep access to them simultaneously in order to use one to verify the other. That extra level of protection can make all the difference in keeping your sensitive systems and information from being compromised.

How Long Should a Law Firm’s Contract Be with an IT Vendor?

There is no single perfect answer to this question, especially given the possibility of personal and industry connections that a law firm owner may have with certain outside I.T. companies that would make them more willing to sign on for a long-term contract. However, barring that possibility, it’s worth remembering that vendors as a rule are always incentivized to perform better for you when they do not have the comfortable safety net of a year-long contract.

The ideal arrangement for a law firm seeking external I.T. security help would be to find a company with a solid reputation and start working with them on a month-to-month basis. This provides a few things for you. First, it provides that extra level of attention and quality of service mentioned above. Second, it keeps you from being locked into a long contract with a company you potentially may not like working with. And third, it allows you to bring in an in-house I.T. person to start training and learning from the company, with the possibility of switching to primarily in-house I.T. with a smaller contract for external services; if you’ve signed for a longer contract, you won’t have the flexibility to make the kinds of changes you want on a shorter timeline.


What Are the Advantages of Working with a Vendor vs. In-House I.T.?

While it’s great to have someone in-house who can handle the kinds of tasks that crop up frequently and need to be handled quickly, there are actually many advantages to also having an outside vendor who handles some of your I.T. needs. The first advantage is access to new technologies and methods that haven’t reached the mainstream yet. I.T. firms live and die on their ability to stay ahead of the curve, so they’re constantly looking for what’s around the corner, and when you work with them, you benefit from their diligence.

Secondly, an outside company will have experience working with other companies in addition to yours, which means that they have dealt with problems that your firm has not. The last thing you want is an I.T. department who has only dealt with problems you’ve already faced, because that means they will not be prepared for other issues that haven’t affected your firm yet. An outside company has more clients and has seen more issues, so they’re more prepared to protect you from all of them.

How Does Law Firm Consulting Foster IT Innovation?

There is no department in a law firm that changes faster, deals with more complicated technology, and exists in more of a constant state of threat than the I.T. department. Like a duck swimming, it all looks calm and focused on the surface, while underneath they are paddling like crazy. That’s the daily reality of an effective I.T. department.

That’s why any law firm serious about protecting their sensitive data and systems should seek out the advice and help of Brain Trust Legal consulting. The combined 50+ years of successful law firm ownership from BTL co-founders Rob Levine and Darryl Isaacs can bridge the gap and help you turn the law firm you own into the law firm you want. To learn more about what the Brain Trust Legal consulting program can do for your firm, call (855)743-1636 anywhere nationwide to speak with a member of the BTL team.

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