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Darryl Isaacs

darryl isaacs

The Story of “The Hammer”

Darryl L. Isaacs is an attorney, author, and the owner of Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers and co-owner of Brain Trust Legal. Because of his presence on everything from billboards to Super Bowl commercials, he has become popularly known as “The Hammer.” Darryl founded the law firm with his father in 1993, and quickly built the firm into a highly successful and well-known practice as a trailblazer in legal advertising on TV in Kentucky, having appeared in well over 1,000 commercials.

How Tragedy Led to Inspiration

A devastating traffic accident in 2015 left Darryl with a broken neck, traumatic brain injury, and other severe injuries. Darryl persevered to get better, turning a setback into a positive growth experience. His long recovery process and legal battle helped him get back his quality of life, and it also helped him see the personal injury world from the same view as his clients. Because of his firsthand experience with accident recovery and traumatic brain injury, Darryl is one of the only lawyers who understands exactly what his clients are going through because he has been there himself.

Darryl Isaacs

From Helping Clients to Helping Attorneys

Darryl’s passion to help people extends to fellow attorneys as well. Through Brain Trust Legal, he created a network of non-competing lawyers and firms from all over the country who share their collective knowledge and experiences to grow and improve their firms in MasterMind groups. The BTL program has expanded to five groups, a yearly Summit event, and a customized law firm consulting service. Darryl and his partner Rob Levine have combined their methods and secrets for success to help fellow attorneys.

In the Public Eye

Darryl is an easy conversationalist and natural storyteller, from the courtroom to radio and podcast appearances. He loves sharing his story of overcoming adversity so he can help others achieve their goals.

More fun facts about Darryl “The Hammer” Isaacs:
  • Rapper Jack Harlow wrote the song “Heavy Hitter” about Darryl and mentions him by name in the song.
  • Darryl’s Super Bowl commercials have gone viral with a total of over 13 million views on YouTube, and the A/V Club wrote an article about them.
  • As a teen, he was a halftime entertainer at ABA basketball games for the Kentucky Colonels, where he would spin multiple basketballs at the same time.
  • He’s the rare attorney who is also a popular social media figure, with nearly 300K followers on TikTok and growing.

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