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Begun by Darryl Isaacs in 2022, the annual Brain Trust Legal Summit was designed to give attorneys and law firm owners a yearly place to gather for new updates and innovations in law firm tech, powerful presentations on law firm growth and improvement, and a chance to network and learn from others who understand the challenges of owning a successful law firm. Hundreds of firms from across the nation attended, and a good idea became a great event.

The inaugural year was in Las Vegas, followed by a sophomore event in Nashville, Tennessee. It was during that second year that Darryl and his longtime friend and fellow law firm owner Rob Levine partnered up to expand the scope of Brain Trust Legal and the annual conferences and events to incorporate not only the annual Summit, but also online virtual events like webinars.

Why Come to the BTL Annual Summit?

A truly successful law firm doesn’t find success on its own. Rob and Darryl have spent a combined 50+ years in the law firm business, and their success was built on three factors: determination, focused effort, and willingness to learn. Their focus on making their own firms as successful as possible led them to a realization about a void in the legal world: powerful advice and guidance from attorney to attorney in a venue where many people could learn and grow together.

From mentorships to MasterMind groups to industry events to the painful process of trial and error, the Brain Trust Legal founders understood that a successful business is not a goal you achieve, it’s a process you work at every single day. They have devoted their time and effort to create a company that helps lawyers avoid the struggles and pitfalls they’ve suffered, and steer them towards success. The Brain Trust Legal Annual Summit is a central part of that process, as well as the webinars and online content.


How the Brain Trust Legal Summit Helps Grow Your Law Firm

Darryl and Rob have long understood the need for a consistent place to provide growth and improvement strategies, as well as to provide accountability for implementing change. Because of the quick pace of a lawyer’s schedule and the struggle to get complicated changes implemented in a law firm, they also understand the need for continued and regular check-ins and accountability. The Brain Trust Legal Summit does this and more through several elements:

Industry Speakers and Legal Luminaries

Every year, the Brain Trust Legal team finds skilled experts and gifted speakers to fill the two days of presentations. Many of the presenters are currently practicing lawyers who share the tips they’ve learned from years of successful practice. Others are experts in fields like trial science, recruitment, business operations, and more, while some presenters are renowned public speakers providing key insights into psychology, persuasion, and marketing tactics. In addition to those industry experts, attendees benefit from the BTL owners’ own experiences and presentations as well.

Up-to-Date Technology and Industry Innovations

Technology gets faster, more complicated, and it is more difficult for busy attorneys to keep up with on a day to day basis. That’s why we plan specific presentations, breakouts, and vendor representation to help attorneys understand and navigate complex fields like information technology, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and more. Instead of wasting your time trying to become an expert in a new field, these events allow you and your firm to benefit from the accumulated knowledge of hundreds of attorneys over decades.

Vendors & Exhibitors

Beyond the presentations, breakouts, and networking opportunities, Brain Trust Legal prides itself on a selective and thoughtful exhibitor area for each event. Sponsors and vendors of the event come to the event to present their opportunities, products, and programs designed to make your firm run smoother, your cases settle higher, and your marketing efforts produce better. Interact, learn, and set up meetings with vendors to build the highly functioning firm you want. Every conference and event can be the launching pad for a new initiative, strategy, or plan, and oftentimes it’s the skilled people you meet at the events that start the ball rolling.

The Power of the Brain Trust Legal Annual Summit

Innovation. Motivation. Information. Education. Execution. Accountability. No matter what step of the law firm growth journey you’re on, the Brain Trust Legal Summit has something for you. And these events are not just for the attorneys themselves; the rest of your legal team can benefit as well, which will make a powerful positive image in the overall health of your firm.

Many attorneys plan their trip to the Brain Trust Legal conferences and events with their marketing and management team members so the planning and vision for the future of the firm can be seen and created by the whole team.

There are many avenues for law firm improvement, and Brain Trust Legal conferences provide content on topics such as:

  • Human Resources Opportunities and Innovations
  • I.T. Updates, Breakthroughs, and Look-Aheads
  • Marketing Strategies, Successes, and Changes
  • Operations Developments in Intake and for Paralegals and Attorneys
  • Creating Culture Shifts to Strengthen Firm Diversity and Longevity
  • Leveraging SEO for Better Results and Return
  • Strengthening PPC Campaigns and Conversions

Keep on top of updates about the event dates, locations, and the content and presenters by providing your information in the form at the bottom of this page to be added to our Events Update Mailing List.

The Value of Brain Trust Legal Events

No one understands the complexity and challenge of running a law firm more than Rob Levine and Darryl Isaacs, which is why they formed Brain Trust Legal to begin with. They also understand the difficulty of being able to get away from your law firm’s day to day business to have the time and focus to devote to making improvements.

So many attorneys get locked into the survival of their firm in the moment that they don’t step back and see what they need to do for growth and improvement in the big picture. That’s why Brain Trust Legal conferences and events like the annual Summit are ideal for unplugging from working in your business to start working on your business.

To learn more about Brain Trust Legal conferences and events, you can call from anywhere in the United States to (855)743-1636 to get more information from a BTL team member, or you can fill out a form here.

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