What are 6 Takeaways You Should Get from Any Legal Marketing Conference?

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Any great lawyer would agree, if you want your skills to grow and expand – you should consider attending a legal conference like the ones that Brain Trust Legal hosts. This is a place where you can hone your strategic thinking, personal and professional development, and evolve as a business, not to mention the opportunity to even speak at one. Once you’ve made the decision to attend a conference, it’s crucial to have a plan in place to get the most out of your experience. Nobody wants to shell out the expense for a conference and return without understanding what it takes to achieve real results. With that in mind, here are 6 takeaways you should get from any legal marketing conference.

Which Legal Industry Presentations Should I Attend?

Attending a conference can initially feel like a kid at a candy store in the sense that you’ll be overwhelmed with a rich variety of ways to learn, network, and promote your legal firm. Each conference will have different offerings, however, it’s helpful to attend presentations that incorporate continuing education and business promotion.

One of the great benefits of attending a legal conference is the opportunity to learn the most up-to-date information in your field. These Continuing Legal Education (CLE) presentations are an excellent resource and designed to give professionals recent developments in the legal field. Attending these types of presentations will give lawyers the opportunity to sharpen not only their skills but expand their perspectives to reflect a rapidly changing landscape of law firms nationwide. Rapid advancements in Law Firm IT, for example, impact the legal industry and it is crucial for professionals to know how to integrate these types of new developments into their work.

One of the big money makers – literally – is the opportunity to receive law firm growth consulting. Most lawyers agree that law school doesn’t prepare you to market your business or build your practice. You may have wondered how to become a marketing savant or struggled to get real results for your legal firm. The best way to know how to grow your business leaps and bounds is to learn from the folks who’ve done just that.

Should I Sign Up with Vendors at a Legal Industry Event?

If you decide to sign up with a vendor, it’s important to ensure the collaboration works for you. Properly utilized, this can be an excellent investment. Failing to do your homework can result in a money pit. One of the most important tasks is to do your research to ensure the vendor relationship is worth your time. When researching, you should consider:

  • The types of vendors in attendance
  • The number of expected attendees
  • Last year’s guest list
  • What sponsorship packages are available

Ultimately, with proper planning and preparation, signing up with vendors could be lucrative legal marketing.

Who Should I Network with at a Legal Industry Event?

Networking with your peers is equally as important as building your knowledge base. A conference environment is the perfect place to connect with law firms nationwide in a relaxed setting. You truly never know where one of your casual conversations might lead. An exchange could lead to a new partner at your firm or a fruitful collaboration – whatever it may be, it’s a rich opportunity that could lead to immense benefits down the line.

In addition to your peers, don’t be afraid to network up. At a conference, you’ll have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the people who’ve become celebrities in the legal industry for their constant and unrelenting successes. Craft questions that pertain to your firm’s situation and approach them for law firm growth consulting. These influential players can provide invaluable insights and even become a possible connection to expand your practice.

Should I Attend a Legal Industry Event in Person or Virtually?

The short answer is both can be an enriching experience! The longer answer is both have benefits and drawbacks. So what are the pros and cons for attending virtual or in-person events?

Virtual events are:

  • More efficient; attendees cut down time in practically every aspect of the event, the meetings themselves are more efficient and you can eliminate travel time.
  • More inclusive; the flexibility of a virtual event tends to attract a more diverse group of attendees
  • More affordable; of course cost is an important factor and virtual events allow attendees to cut on costs, making the event more accessible.

In-Person events are:

  • More social; attending an in-person event will always have more peer to peer interaction since communication is simply easier face to face rather than through the screen.
  • Easier to focus; we all know it’s hard to stare at our computers for an extended period of time, so there’s a tendency to get distracted during virtual presentations
  • More engaging; there’s a special magic that happens when you attend an in-person event, a way that you engage with the audience and the speaker that makes it hard to compare to a virtual event.

Ultimately, the decision to attend a live or virtual event is up to your individual and subjective decision. However, it’s recommended to try both options and decide the benefits and drawbacks for yourself. Some firms may truly benefit from the collaborative nature of an in-person event, whereas others may appreciate the flexibility and inclusivity of the virtual options.

Can I Record an Event to Rewatch Later?

When you attend a legal conference, the volume of information can be overwhelming. Recording events can be helpful to retain the information. However, it’s very important to get permission before you record the event. If you’re attending a virtual event, there will usually be an option to receive the recording after the event.

For live events, you can ask the event organizers what options there are to receive live recordings of the events or if you are able to record the event yourself. The ability to record is up to the discrepancy of the organizers. If you are unable to do so – remember to take proper notes, and you can always approach speakers after the events to follow up on clarification questions.

Should I Bring My Law Firm Team Members to Live Events?

If you have the capacity at your firm to bring your team members, please do! Live events are an amazing opportunity for everyone to grow their skills and each team member brings a different strength to the table. One member may be particularly adept at networking with law firms nationwide, while another may be interested in law firm finance or law firm operations. Bringing team members also allows you to divide and conquer when it comes to the manner offerings available at a live event.

Many professionals believe that attending a legal conference is a mandatory step toward being a better legal firm. Although there are many ways to customize the experience, it’s important to approach the experience strategically in order to maximize the benefits. With a plan in place, legal professionals should leave the experience with significant networks, new ideas, and a holistic understanding of how to grow their firm.

To learn more about Brain Trust Legal conferences and events, you can explore our website or reach out to the BTL team at (855)743-1636 from anywhere nationwide.

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